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When Search Intent Meets Facebook

When Search Intent Meets Facebook


Brands used to have separate pictures of their customers – one painted by Facebook’s custom audiences feature, and another by a search engine’s ad clicks, leading the company to track down their customers, wasting a lot of time and money in the process.

Digital marketing firm Kenshoo, however, saw the potential in the marriage of the two features. They created a targeting tool which tracks down a users’ search behavior and uses it to make the ads that appear on their Facebook News Feeds more appealing to them.

This means that search advertisers can hunt for leads on Facebook once that a user clicks on an ad and that companies would have an easier time tracking down the people who have clicked on their ads.

This opens up a greater opportunity for online marketers as Facebook said that while it is true that Kenshoo has helped them set up the technology needed for this to work, it is not necessarily exclusive to Kenshoo, which means that other firms may develop their own method of doing this.

But, technical talk about online marketing aside, how does this really work? Read on to find out.


For all this to work, a user would, first and foremost, have to search on a search engine. This is the core of this concept and it is key that a user look for what he wants on the web before he is served with his demands.

Let’s say that you search for the word “chocolate” and an advertisement for Cadbury is displayed along with the search results, you click on the ad and that is taken by Kenshoo’s tool as a sign that you like Cadbury’s products.



Now that you’ve clicked on the ad, the tool would now record you as one of the millions of unique Facebook users. An anonymous cookie sync then begins to track you and your search queries, relaying them to Facebook so that it can serve you with ads that are important and engaging to you.

In our example, you clicked on Cadbury’s advertisement on Google. Once you have done so, the cookie gets automatically activated, records your Facebook ID, and tracks you down some more so that you are served with better ads.



You are now one of the many people that the company tracks. You see better ads on Facebook and the company has earned profits through you – a win-win situation for both you and the company.

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