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Internet Marketing Tip #3 – Email Marketing eCourse


Still Stuck asks: Does email marketing work?? Answer: Email Marketing rocks! A lot of discussion has centered on Email Marketing – is it a dead marketing tool? Has social media replaced it?  Can you get good enough at it to make money?  Do the select few have insider information that they are not sharing? How do you even build a ... Read More »

Blogging 101: Bookmarking, Reviews, Cross linking?


Response Needed asks: “How Should You Respond to Emails Asking for Links?” Here is an example email request sent recently: “Hi.  I’m the SEO guy for a _____ outfit that competes regionally.  I found your blog from a propeller submission.  I’m wanting to republish some of your posts (of course with link back to you) on some of the blogs ... Read More »

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