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Make Money Blogging – 5 Ways To Profit


You may know by now that your blog can be a veritable money making magnet, that is, if you know how to do it right.  In the beginning, a blog was really just an online diary and no one was really concentrating on whether or not they could make money blogging.  Now, as you can probably see, the only reason ... Read More »

Blogging 101: Starting a Free Online Business


“Just Starting” asks:  What is the best way to start a free online business?  I have a little bit of time and money, but need to get a feel for how to start.  A general idea would be helpful!  Thanks! Answer: Blogging is a great way of starting a free online business and is a powerful web platform that may ... Read More »

Blogging 101: Blog Post Ideas


Writer’s Block asks: “How am I supposed to come up with so many posts for my blog and write everyday?  It’s only been a few weeks and I’m out of blog post ideas!!” Answer: Starting a blog is simple – keeping a blog interesting and fresh is a whole different subject. While many marketers have no difficulty starting a niche ... Read More »

Blogging 101: Blog Traffic


Frustrated! asks: I’m writing and writing but am not seeing much traffic.  What are a couple of things I can start doing now to get more traffic?  I know there are lots of things I could be doing, but just want a couple I can get started with.  Suggestions? Answer: It certainly can be frustrating to feel as though a ... Read More »

Blogging 101: Bookmarking, Reviews, Cross linking?


Response Needed asks: “How Should You Respond to Emails Asking for Links?” Here is an example email request sent recently: “Hi.  I’m the SEO guy for a _____ outfit that competes regionally.  I found your blog from a propeller submission.  I’m wanting to republish some of your posts (of course with link back to you) on some of the blogs ... Read More »

Blogging 101: Creating Links in Posts


A Little Help asks: “How Do You Create A Link In a Blog Post?” Answer: You can start by having the web address or URL of the page that you would like to link to.  For example: – If you are not sure of the exact web address – you can find it by copy and pasting it from ... Read More »

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