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The Easiest Way To Outsell Other Affiliates

make money with keywords

Hello everyone!  Below you will find a guest article from Jimmy D. Brown, developer of the Multiple Streams Theme WordPress blog theme.  For more information on turning on ten “built-in” ways to make money from your blog, visit InfoProfitShare now! ********** If you’re an affiliate marketer, then you’re always looking over your shoulder to see if the competition – your ... Read More »

Best Business Models: Affiliate Marketing

Business Model: Affiliate Marketing

Make Money Basics: What IS Affiliate Marketing? Companies that sell products or services often have Affiliate Programs where people (you!) can sign up as an affiliate.  You are basically an independent sales person – you advertise and recommend that company’s product or service.  When a customer purchases that product or service through YOU…you receive a commission payment! How Does it ... Read More »

The Best Business Model For Internet Marketing

What is a domain name

Forget the hype, lies and deceit – do your research and take control of your decision.  Which is the best business model for Internet Marketing?  You certainly want to take your own personality and interests into consideration, as not every model is for everyone.  That said; let’s break down the different types of business models that you can follow. **A ... Read More »

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