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Social Media Tips – Using Facebook to Promote

Social Media Tips – Using Facebook to Promote


Yes, we all know that Facebook is the leader in Social Media.  Tips on how to use Facebook to promote your business and stay connected with your customers is what you need, and that is what this article is going to talk about.

Social media sites are always updating and adding new feature for their users, and now that include business users like you.  This makes it very important for you to sign up and then fill out your profile completely and correctly.  Creating a business account requires that you thoroughly read the rules specific to business accounts.  Doing so will really save you a lot of stress and grief later.  Social sites can and will drop your page for violations of their rules.

Social Media Tips for Facebook

  • In Facebook, the Settings section allows you to keep personal information private and only viewable by some friends.  They also allow the creation of different friends lists so that you can give one list access and not the other.
  • You should always upload a clear photo of yourself and not an image of your logo.  The picture can be a professional on or be more casual, but you want to let people see you.  This association will help them to trust you and not feel like you are trying to hide.

As with most social media sites – Facebook has plenty of applications that will help you to customize your profile page and help you to promote your business.  The applications are listed in the Applications Directory and are flexible when it comes to hooking your profile page with your website or your other social media profiles.

Another great social media tips is to provide an optin form on your page so that your friends can get on your newsletter email list or can take advantage of any free offers or promotions you have.  Remember, this is prime internet real estate you have here, so make the most of it!

Now that you have your profile complete, you can start to add friends and contact.  A large following will take a little while to build up – but if you are consistent, it won’t take as long as you might think!

  • Use the Facebook built in friend finder search boxes to get the ball rolling
  • Now go back through your email signatures and other promotional material (i.e. business cards) and add your Facebook URL address
  • You can also import your contacts list from your email account(s).  Facebook will let you know if they have an account and then you can just send the friend request.
  • Posting status updates on a regular basis is important.  But only post things that you actually find interesting or helpful – people can tell if you are being fake.  If you are really there to connect with customers or potential customers, show them that you really care about helping them first.
  • There is nothing wrong with looking at your friends contact lists and seeing if there are any people that you would like to add to your list.  Don’t be scared to suggest friends to others, either.  This can open up the lines of communication and further help you establish trust.  Be sure to include WHY you think they should be friends in your suggestion message.

Social Media Advertising

Even if you have a small budget – advertising on social media sites is huge right now!  Facebook advertising is highly targeted (you set the parameters for your target audience!) and it’s easy to keep to your budget.  This is a great way to test your advertising copy and then revise it as you go.

You can also set up a group centered on your product or service niche and/or set up a Fan Page on Facebook.  Both the group and the Fan page will allow you to focus more on specific products or services that you offer.

No matter what, be sure to post frequently, be interesting and give helpful information or advice.  This is what Social Media sites are built around!

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    Facebook is one the great social networking site where the number of users are increasing by thousands every day. Facebook allows every person to boost their brands or products with this global market as publicity.

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