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Social Media Advertising


Social media nowadays can be used for varying purposes. May it be for social purposes, interacting with long lost friends, or marketing your specific brand of business, it can cater to all your needs. The most well-known out of all of these websites is Facebook.

Facebook has been around for quite a few years now and has gained a huge number of users in that timeframe. Given that fact, marketers should always see this situation as a pool of possible consumers and use everything in their power to make themselves known to the public.

However, people working in the advertising industry usually take for granted the opportunity they are presented with in Facebook.

The best way to attract attention in such a crowded place such as social media is to create noise. How do you do that you may ask? Here are simple tips to do so.

  •          Everybody loves a good story.

People love it when they are informed and involved in a certain brand, more so when the connection made is personal. Try posting more about the roots and origin of your business: how you started out, where the ideas came from and the people that made everything possible. Continue this thread to show people that your business is very much grounded and down to earth.

Doing this will surely catch eyes of the users amidst all other posts in the newsfeed. Build customer relationships and let the people spread awareness of you and your brand.

  •          Top everything off with organized and smart ads.

There’s no denying the great effects of simple and classic advertising. However, when not managed and executed properly, your business may come off as messy and disorganized. Smart marketers know the right time and create a sequence for these types of advertisements. When is that? In-between the storylines.

While making personal connections is important, forming a professional one is just as important too. Make it so that your ads are placed precisely after a few back stories to create buzz. Increasing awareness is what the first step will do, feeding curiosity, however, is what marketers should accomplish next.

Both have been tested by a few brands before on the same social media site, and the results show that they have both improved in both popularity and sales. Social media is a way of connecting with people; marketers should make the best of it. After all, it’s fast, free and easy!

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