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Save for Later (on Facebook!)

Save for Later (on Facebook!)


Of all social media sites there are, Facebook has one of the largest following. With the number of users it has, it may come as no surprise that it is also teeming with various interesting stories you might want to read, but have no time to. An old problem that Facebook has gladly given the solution to.

The new Facebook option allows you to save anything you see on your newsfeed! It can range from photos to links, even places you find interesting to read or view for later. And there is still the choice of whether to share with the rest of your friends, or to keep them all to yourself.

One of the most frustrating things to have as a Facebook user is to see a story in your feed worth a few seconds, but not having the time to read. The new feature makes this dilemma a goner in just a few seconds! With just a tap and slide of a finger, you can go to the “more” menu and there, you will see your list of saved items listed down. Now for you to share with your friends, you will only need to move it from your saved list to your archive list which will take not less than a few seconds!

You might also see a few reminders popping out as you browse your newsfeed of your saved links. This is so you wouldn’t forget what you’ve marked as to read for later. The “save” feature can be seen on a drop down menu on the upper right of each post you see. It is available not only for web use, but for Android and iOS users as well.

( says that even though this may pose a few problems not only for the Facebook users, but brand partners of the site as well, it is still a good step-up from previous changes. They said,

“Save might not have the caching that hardcore read-it-later users love, but Facebook may not be focused on this demographic. Instead, it’s focus may be creating a read-it-later feature that’s simple enough for everyone, and designed to increase cross-platform usage and mobile feed reading. Saving could make the feed better by teaching Facebook what you and everyone thinks are high-quality stories.”

So for you, who might not only be rummaging through easy reads and quick views on your newsfeed, try out the latest innovation of Facebook, save!

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