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List Building Club Affiliate Program: Affiliate Shabambo!

List Building Club Affiliate Program: Affiliate Shabambo!


Working hard asks: ‘What the heck does “Shabambo” mean?

Answer: What is “Shabambo”? Well, it’s a phrase that the marketing geeks at Overcome Everything Inc came up with.  It’s a unique exclamation that lets others know that you just made a wad of cash.  Kind of like yelling out “Eureka!” but with a newer twist.  While the phrase started out as a way to encourage List Building Club affiliates, Tellman Knudson (owner and co-creater of the List Building Club) now uses it to sign just about all of his marketing emails.  Check out this silly video below to find out more about ‘Shabambo’ and how you can start saying it yourself…if you want to, that is!!  Watch the video – then you’ll get it!! Promise.

The List Building Club Affiliate program allows affiliates to earn a 30% recurring commission on the Memberships and 50% commissions on their products.  When there are specials or launches, it’s possible to earn as much as 100% commission on purchases made through your link.

It is free to join and as it should be with affiliate products, they handle the order, shipment and billing.  All you need to do is place the link on your site or in your advertising and make some money.  The payout for affiliates is every 30 days, so you won’t have to wait too long for your check.

Get started now and click on the link below – (you’ll see the affiliate link in the bottom menu bar):

click me

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  1. I’ve been making a full-time income as an internet marketer for almost 2 years now. The one thing I learned was that you need to build a list. After you have your squeeze page set up, write lots of articles with backlinks to it. It’s very important to build relationships and contacts to be successful in internet marketing.

    • That’s great! The list is very important, but you also have to back it up with great tips. Article marketing still works and is a great way to get free traffic…agreed!!

    • hey chris. Do you have tutorials on how got started as an internet marketer? I’d love to get into that field. Just email or post back here. :)


      • If sign up for The List Building Club, you will have a full set of video tutorials that will walk you through everything you need to know. As mentioned in the post about the List Building Club…you don’t have to stay a member forever! I recommend 3-6 months, until you get the hang of it, then cancel your subscription. It’s easy to do!

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