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Setting Up My Website

Now that you’ve selected your niche and registered your domain name, it’s time to go ahead and set up your site.  Personally, I recommend WordPress blogs for use on your site.  The reason for this is because Google and other search engines really LOVE WordPress and reward its use.

Why Does Google Love WordPress So Much?

For one, Google is all about giving users fresh and useful content.  You should be aware that WordPress is a blogging platform and that Google loves blogs.  Also, the way that WordPress is structured, search engine spiders are able to easily crawl each site.  This is another advantage that actually helps you to get indexed by Google rather quickly.

Another good reason to use WordPress is that it is easy to use.  There are customizations that can have a bit of a learning curve, but the truth is that if you can read and follow directions, then you can be up and running with a professional looking blog pretty quickly.  Which brings me to another point in WordPress’ favor…there are so many free themes for you to use on your site!  Just about anything you can think of is out there and free for you to use.  Sure, later, if you want to…you can pay for a more flexible or fancy theme.  But the straight truth is that many of the free themes are just as good as the ones you’d pay for.  Honest.

Now, installing WordPress used to be a lot more complicated, but that is not the case anymore.  There are tools that you can use to help you manage your site installations – as well as improved installation from within the hosting sites as well.

Which Is The Best Hosting Company?  HostGator Is!

A few years ago, I tried GoDaddy and was quickly very sorry.  I also tried a free hosting service that came with a domain registration company that I tried.  Yech.  Then I found HostGator and I have never looked back!  Why?  Here are just some of the reasons HostGator is the best hosting company around:

  1. They have great customer service (when my site was hacked, they were awesome to deal with and helped me get my site back up!)
  2. They have a great support section where you can see video tutorials, forums on different topics and a resource section that you can look through to educate yourself on how everything works
  3. They have many different account packages so that you will easily be able to find the one that fits your needs
  4. Their reliability.  They are prepared for server outages and make sure their updates, etc. don’t affect your site – so that you can run your business without having to worry about your site not being found
  5. The best reason ever…The PRICING!  They give you the best deal for your money, every time!

So, do I love HostGator?  Um, yeah.  I’ve been very happy with their packages, pricing and service for the last 2 ½ years and will continue to do business with them.  Want to check out all they have to offer?  Just click on the banner below!

Okay – so now you have a hosting account with HostGator.  Now what?

Now you need to get your DNS (Domain Name Server) address from HostGator and put that information into your NameCheap account listing for your domain name.

Simply login to your HostGator cPanel and scroll to the bottom of the page.  On the left hand side you will see the DNS address for your account – as shown in the screen shot below.  See where it says “Name Servers”? Then it lists 2 IDs like “” and “”.  (I’ve covered this personal information in the screenshot, as it is unique to each hosting account.)

Keeping that screen up, open a new tab and login to your NameCheap account and click on the domain name you want to work with.  Then, again in the left hand menu, you will see a link for managing your Domain Name Servers, as shown by the red arrow.  Click on that link.

On the next screen, as shown below, you can then simply copy and paste your DNS settings into your NameCheap domain account.  You will need to copy both server IDs, so both 1 and 2 in the settings section of this page.  You will need to configure the DNS for each and every one of your domain names.  Otherwise, they will list the hosting at NameCheap and you will not be able to install your WordPress blog properly.

It usually takes at least a couple of hours for this information to be updated between the NameCheap and HostGator systems, so you will most likely have to wait awhile before installing WordPress.

When you are ready, you can follow the directions given by HostGator and install WordPress using their Fantastico tool.  They will give you all the information you need in their Support area.

Personally, I use a free blog installation service from Expert WordPress.  I got a free account and then I went through their video tutorials about how to set everything up.  The reason I like them is because I did all of the hard work once, and now installing WordPress on each of my new sites is a breeze!

Plus, it helps me to manage all of my login information for my many sites from one control panel listing.  This really helps me to stay organized and I like having all of my information in one secure spot.  You can decide for yourself if this service is worth it to you.  Again, it’s free, but it does take a little time to watch and follow the videos to get everything set up the first time.  It was worth it though, because I can now install WordPress on a domain in less than 2 minutes (and that’s if I type slow!).

Check out this awesome WordPress installation service here:

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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