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How To Make Money Online

Did you know that there are almost 200 searches done every day for “how to make money online for beginners” and over 700 searches per day for the more broad “how to make money online”?

That doesn’t surprise you, does it?  You probably thought the numbers would be higher, actually.  And if that’s true, then you might also already be aware that there are several ways to make money online – such as: creating your own product to sell online, becoming a professional blogger, you could manage an online community, develop a content site, as well as selling your services to offline (brick and mortar) businesses that need your expertise.

No matter what though – you will always need to begin by selecting your niche, which is the topic or market you will be focusing on.  Read that last part again, in fact…and pay particular attention to the word FOCUSING!

I say it like that because that is what derails most wannabe entrepreneurs.  They tend to get Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS – get it!?) or O.P.A.D.D (Online Product Attention Deficit Disorder) where they hop from one ‘plan’ to the next – never finishing anything.

When you have decided on your niche it is time to then map out your plan for your Internet Business Model.  You’ll need to get clear on what market you are targeting and how you will best serve that market.  This view point is essential – How best to serve the market.  Most people want to start with how the market can best serve THEM…in terms of how much money they can make, etc.  This is the wrong tactic to take and will only lead you to frustration.

Okay, you’ve decided on a niche and will now create a blog/website, set up social media accounts to keep in touch with your market, create helpful and useful content to build your credibility and readership within that particular niche…and then what?  You want to know “How do I make money from all that?” right?

How To Make Money Online: For Beginners = Affiliate Marketing

The best, and easiest, way to get started and make money online is through Affiliate Marketing.  As an affiliate, you won’t have to create a product, use a shopping cart or merchant account, provide customer service, work with clients or anything else like that.  Think of it like a traditional ‘commission-based’ sales job where you get a commission or cut of every sale you make or refer.

Of course, the one big difference is that, instead of pounding the pavement, you are selling from your home on your computer.  It’s as simple as recommending products or services through the content that you have placed on your website.

Correctly using SEO and creating SEO content is a very good way to get your sites to rank well in the search engines and help you to get the traffic and exposure you are looking for.  Done the right way – it really is as simple as doing the work once and having it continue to pay off for you over and over again.  That is, if you are able to maintain your search engine rankings.

So now comes the question: “How can I make 3 to 4 thousand a month (or more!)?  What steps do I need to take to get there?”

Well for starters…it is SIMPLE, not easy.  Let’s get that idea out of the way right off the bat!  You won’t be able to make thousands by next week.  But if you put in the time, work and are persistent AND consistent, you will reach thousands within several months time.  It is do-able!  Compared to trying to start a traditional offline business – there is way less of a time and money investment for sure!

10 Steps To Start Making Money Online

  1. Select Your Niche
  2. Register A Domain Name
  3. Set Up Your Website (I recommend a WordPress Blog)
  4. Get A Facebook Page and Twitter Account
  5. Learn The Basics of SEO
  6. Create “Optimized” Content For The Site
  7. Research & Sign Up For Affiliate Programs Related To Your Niche
  8. Write Product Reviews For the Products
  9. Create/Get Links Pointing To Your Posts/Pages (aka “Backlinks”)
  10. Keep Up Your Posting, Creating Links and Promoting Using Social Media

This might all seem like a lot of stuff to do – but when you take it step-by-step, it really is not that complicated.  Again…it’s not easy, but it is simple.  When you have your site up and you are making money as an affiliate marketer, you can start to look for additional ways to monetize your site.  Creating short report to sell, selling ad space on your site etc. can all help to add to your cash flow.

What’s awesome about all of this is this: You are in charge of the work you do, and you reap all of the rewards when it starts to pay off!  The flexibility and freedom you gain is totally worth it!

Take the time to read about each of these steps on this site and then take action.  That is the only way.  You will continue to learn and make some changes as you go – but you will soon start earning money.  Then you just increase your traffic and then your income will rise with it.  It will take a little time to earn a consistent $3-5 thousand per month, but it is easily attainable within the first year.

Are you ready to get started?

Let’s Go!

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  1. I agree with you about the Shiny Object Syndrome – these days there are so many distractions to a fledgling online marketer that if they’re don’t bare down and focus, they’ll never make any progress and will end up with a whole bunch or hardly even started projects and nothing but a bit credit card bill and a lot of debt to show for it. Focus is more important than ever.

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