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How Facebook’s New Privacy Settings Will Affect Your Business

How Facebook’s New Privacy Settings Will Affect Your Business


It sure is looking like Facebook is really starting to step up and understand that users need a bit more privacy. This is good in many ways – even though quite a few of the privacy issues were already addressed by Facebook, they were just really hard to find before. These options are now going to be moved to a more convenient location – which will certainly mean that they will get a lot more use!

Will There Be Changes To Facebook Pages For Business?

Where it could get a bit sticky is when it comes to Facebook for businesses, as they try to connect to their customers via pages and well as other social media platforms. Then again, it might not be that bad. Since Facebook seems to be following in some of Google’s footsteps, we can probably safely assume that some plans are already in the works to address the growing business population accessing Facebook on a daily basis.

Take a look at this excerpt from an article by Ilie Mitaru of -

Exactly how much the new settings are a response to longstanding user criticism or new competition in the form of Google+ is hard to discern. It does seem clear however, that without the new threat to Facebook, the company would have had little incentive to change its historically lax approach to user privacy.

The implications for businesses trying to connect on the platform are huge, as users now have a slew of new tools to control who sees what. Here is a breakdown of the changes:

1. You’ll have a drop-down menu on the upper right hand side of your Facebook page where you can choose to display things like your hometown or latest photo album. All of these options had been accessible previously on your Settings page, but this makes it much easier and clearer to control.

Facebook pages for business use has been seeing a steady rise – mainly due to the recent and ongoing changes that the Facebook executives and developers are making. We are seeing a bit of a change in who is really using Facebook as well, as a growing number of more mature marketers and savvy business people are coming on board to find a new platform to work from.

Facebook is the perfect place to gather information on their products and services, as well as a better environment to educate and enlighten their target markets regarding their wares.

How do you feel these changes to the privacy of users will effect the overall Facebook experience? Will it make it better? Chime in on the comments below and let us know what you think about Facebook for business uses.

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