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Facebook Takes the Google Route. Will it Work?

Facebook Takes the Google Route. Will it Work?


As Facebook and Google jocky for position in front of the masses of people that work and live online, the topic of Facebook for businesses is one of the main concerns. Much like the growth of Google, Facebook is seeing the need to create an overall user experience. To do this, they have begun to look to aquiring different parts and pieces that they can use to create a more defined user feel and flexibility.

In this article by Chris Crum of, we begin to see the emerging facets of what Facebook is looking to become – and it’s very exciting!


A new report out from Bloomberg says that Facebook is planning to make about 20 acquisitions this year, which would be twice as many as last year. This isn’t a rumor. It’s straight from Facebook’s director of corporate development Vaughan Smith.

The company has already made 13 acquisitions this year, according to Bloomberg. These include: Mac app maker Sofa, mobile app creator Snaptu, group chat company Beluga, mobile ad company Rel8tion, and iPad app maker Push Pop Press. Such acquisitions are line with Facebook’s plans to focus on design and mobile, as Smith indicated in the report.

Beyond Acquisitions

There is a lot more to maintaining a solid user experience and keeping people engaged than just piling on the acquisitions. It’s what is done with the acquisitions, and what features are added (or kept or removed) that keep people around. It’s also partnerships and the developer ecosystem that make things interesting, fun or worthwhile.

This week, Miramax announced a new Facebook app that could very well pave the way for the future of movie-based entertainment on the social network. Other movie studios have experimented with Facebook movie rental, but Miramax, working directly with Facebook itself has come up with a whole new concept for this, including plans for purchasing and digital storage.

Facebook is also expected to get more music-oriented with the help of a handful of partners. The recent U.S. launch of the popular Spotify may play a critical role in that.

While Facebook faces plenty of obstacles on the competition front, it’s also facing others on the legal front. And I’m not talking about the Winklevii or Paul Ceglia. The “like” button has essentially been outlawed in Germany. But that’s a whole other story.

You’ll want to take a look at the entire article by clicking here.

There is not any danger of Facebook losing any of it’s popularity – although some of how it is used and by whom is what is going to be affected going forward. The growth and the addition of dynamic software and integrated, interactive pieces that Facebook is looking to add will really change and expand how it is used. As such, using Facebook for businesses is a really integral part of its future. What kind of features or uses do you think should be added to Facebook? Be sure to let us know by leaving your comments below!

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