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Facebook News: Facebook Takes Online Business Ideas

Facebook News: Facebook Takes Online Business Ideas


What does Facebook have to do with online business ideas? Well apparently a lot… With the new integration of applications now allowed, Facebook for businesses just may reach an all new level.

Check out this article by Landon Slaughter that was posted on

If you are looking for online business ideas then a sponsored app through Facebook may be the answer. Just like “Farmville” or “Mafia Wars” you simply allow the application to play through Facebook. There are tons and tons of internet business ideas out there. However, the ones that have the knowledge and pocketbooks to develop an entire application through Facebook really are the best of the best…

In terms of other uses for Facebook applications and internet business ideas, there really is no limit for what Facebook can promote. With over 750 Million users worldwide this social media giant has the power to reach any target market you desire.

Facebook pay per click ads have been on the rise as well. This form of marketing has simply boomed in the past year and now what was once a closely guarded secret of internet marketers, is now becoming an internet standard in PPC marketing.

The ways that you can use Facebook for businesses may be almost limitless – it really just requires some imagination and determination.  What could you provide to your customers that would get them excited or interested in your product or service?  List your ideas below in the comments section.

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  1. Social media is good for affiliate marketing if you use it right!!!!!

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