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UPDATE (7-12-11):

The Traffic Challenge is now ready to go!  You simply do NOT want to miss the information that Mr. X will be teaching you.  They are keeping his name a secret in order to keep him from any backlash from his current customers.  Apparently, he has worked for some pretty big names and helped them to drive loads of traffic to their launches and offers – and they do not want him to be giving out this information.  (Guess it will level the playing field too much!)

With that said – you need to be sure and sign up to get the awesome coaching and traffic information that ONLY this event is going to give you.  Maria and Art will then be cleaning up and refining all of the information from this challenge and creating a $2,000 product from it.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Just click on the button below to get in on this amazing training opportunity!

Original Post From July 5, 2011

Okay – so here’s the deal.  I’m involved in the “Cash Now” Challenge being held by some pretty impressive professional marketers.  Namely, Maria Gudelis and Art Nevarez.

They gave us the ‘heads-up’ about the next webinar topic – and it’s gonna be on TRAFFIC!  Maria took a quick poll a couple of weeks back and asked about the topics we need to be covered in the coaching challenge, and Traffic was pretty high on the list.  No shock there, right?

Well, as I said, she sent us an email giving us a ‘heads-up’ regarding the upcoming webinar that will be on Friday, July 8.

Here is part of what she said:

“This Friday’s webinar is going to be a first ever event, because the person we are promoting has NEVER created a product based on his traffic expertise, Mr. X is truly a traffic addict, and that addiction has paid-off handsomely for his company that can drive serious amounts of traffic for any of their customers.  You will be learning the ins and outs of traffic the way the pros do it.”

Then she went on to say:

“Oh in case you’re wondering…the REASON Mr. X has NEVER produced a ‘product’ before…is because he’s bringing in…

*TWO Hundred GRAND a Month*…so we had to BEG him to reveal his *Traffic secrets!  So this will be EPIC!”

Now, does that webinar sound like something not to be missed? I thought so, too!!

So click the buttom below to SIGN UP to be on the free webinar, July 8:

See you there!


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