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Changing your email marketing strategy with Gmail’s new UI

Changing your email marketing strategy with Gmail’s new UI


1382668538539_gmailHave you seen Gmail’s new tabbed interface? It’s sleeker and cleaner, and much less convoluted for the regular user. All email blasts go to the Promotions tab and will likely never get seen. But what does this mean for your email marketing campaign, where your efforts might get pushed to the secondary inbox and go unnoticed? Here are seven tips that might just help.

1. Stay calm.

Remember that, after all, Google has just launched this new feature and will make tweaks based on the feedback. You might want to hold it out for a while, and don’t change your strategy just yet.

2. Assess your open rates.

Monitor the variance of your open rates for the next few weeks, and check if there are any changes. If most of your audience comes from Gmail users, then you might want to check your open rates from Gmail more closely, as there might be a noticeable trend.

3. If your email is compelling, people are still going to read it.

The least intrusive emails but with the meatiest content are the ones that get read the most. If you’ve been sticking to this formula all along, then there’s simply no need to worry.

Changing your email marketing strategy with Gmail’s new UI

4. This Could Be A Good Thing.

At face value, Gmail’s default tabs and their own email-like ads wouldn’t appear to favor other businesses and their email communications. It’s logical to think: “This makes it harder for people to see, much less read, my email.” Again, Goodman said it’s too soon to say for certain whether that will prove true. But she offered a happier potential outcome for organizations that rely on external email: Tabs might actually boost engagement with mass email over the long haul while reducing the number of messages that get lost or deleted simply because they’re received in the middle of a busy workday.

5. You Can’t Control Everything.

You’ve got plenty of control over your email strategy — messaging, frequency, scheduling, audience, and so forth. You can’t do much, however, about Google’s UI, message categorization and other factors. “As an individual business, it’s probably out of your hands,” Goodman said. Read more here.

6. Google’s Ads will always be there.

Google’s audience are your audience too, and for the most part, there’s nothing you can do about Google’s email ads. What you can do, however, is pay attention to how these ads look compared to yours. With this, you can craft a strategy that will make your email stand out more in contrast and make Google’s ads pale in comparison.

7. Start your mobile strategy

Instead of obsessing over your email communications strategy, have you checked the effectiveness of your mobile strategy? The mobile b boom isn’t going away anytime soon—and the changes in the interface won’t affect the mobile UI. With more people checking their emails in their mobile devices, there might be little need for panic.


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