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Blogging 101: Starting a Free Online Business

Blogging 101: Starting a Free Online Business


i_love_blogging-787805 “Just Starting” asks:  What is the best way to start a free online business?  I have a little bit of time and money, but need to get a feel for how to start.  A general idea would be helpful!  Thanks!

Answer: Blogging is a great way of starting a free online business and is a powerful web platform that may be used in a wide assortment of methods on-line. It can aid you in developing a reputation in your niche, creating a relationship with your customers and driving traffic to your very own product or your own affiliate links.

In other words, it can help you in making money online!

What is a blog?

Blogs are websites where the freshest articles are posted first. Normally, posts are listed in chronological order. There may be some static content material in the sidebars or on other pages from the web site, but the homepage is updated when there may be a new submission or post. Visitors can publish comments on your articles and you may have the opportunity to develop a real community as part of your niche.

Blogs are popular simply because they’re extremely accessible. You don’t have to know much about setting up an internet site in order to use one. That makes them extremely “beginner friendly”.   After the initial set up is complete, they are as uncomplicated to make use of as a word processing program. To top it off, visitors love blogs simply because they can interact with the subject material. With a few smart posts and some traffic generation strategies you can quickly have an authority website in your niche before you know it.

What are three keys to starting a free online business with a blog?

1. CHOOSING the right blogging PLATFORM.

You will find a number of diverse blogging platforms to get you started with blogging. WordPress has a bit of a learning curve but it is by far the best in terms of usability. You’ll be able to completely customize your WordPress web site so that it looks totally unique. You’ll be able to also install various plugins to make your site much more user friendly. For example, there is a WordPress plugin that automatically suggests related posts on your blog underneath every post to encourage visitors to explore your web page.

2. CREATING fresh subject material POSTS.

A profitable web site has to be updated at least once a week, at the very minimum. Numerous successful bloggers add new posts every weekday. You must have the commitment to create new content on your weblog at least once each seven days. This may be accomplished quickly if you develop an editorial calendar. Write down an assortment of different topics and program when you will publish them to your web site. With WordPress you can even write them ahead of time and schedule them to become automatically added to your weblog at a certain date and time.

3. CULTIVATING your web site for PROFIT.

Starting a free online business with a blog is not a method of making money instantly, but it really can be easy to make money.  The key is to be consistent and persistent!   There are several ways in which to make money from your blog.  With your web site, it is possible to make income through contextual advertising with ads that are displayed on your own blog. You get paid when someone clicks on the advertising. You can also link to affiliate products or sell your very own product from your web site.

How about an example of starting a free online business?

Let’s say that you’ve discovered that there is really a demand for information and tips on cooking gluten free meals, something you might have a lot of experience with. You start a site about gluten free cooking and publish your favorite recipes each week.  After a couple of months, you decide to write your personal online cookbook and sell it from your web site.

To your business,

Glenna Garcia

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  1. Hey Garcia,

    I agree with what you said up there. Starting a blog is one of the best free methods of starting a business online. I would like to add one more to the list “How to Choose a profitable Blogging Niche.” A fresh post would be even better on that topic as it can help newbies to start a profitable blog.

    Thanks & Regards,

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