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Blogging 101: Blog Post Ideas

Blogging 101: Blog Post Ideas


blogging101Writer’s Block asks: “How am I supposed to come up with so many posts for my blog and write everyday?  It’s only been a few weeks and I’m out of blog post ideas!!”

Answer: Starting a blog is simple – keeping a blog interesting and fresh is a whole different subject. While many marketers have no difficulty starting a niche blog, the sheer number of abandoned blogs around the ‘net speaks to the reality that many marketers just do not realize what needs to be done to keep a blog going. According to blogging specialists, the key to keeping a blog running is to publish frequently. This means that you’re going to want an ever current stream of articles coming into your blog – and plenty of blog post ideas.

You might be intimidated with the idea of needing to come up with numerous topic ideas. Finding topics for your blog posts are simple if you use the following ideas.


A blog should be timely and there’s no better way to attract interest on your blog than to tap into various ongoing news. Regardless of what your niche is it is possible to obtain news stories and breaking facts that will help fuel timely blog post ideas. Find captions, or headlines, to be on top of issues related to the subject of the blog. Sign up for Google Alerts (it’s free) and set up alerts on important phrases or key words in your niche. That way you’ll be able to see the news in your niche and blog on current topics as it happens.


The comments section in a blog can be an excellent basis of writing inspiration and additional blog post ideas. Let’s say you’ve got a post on a marketing blog regarding keyword research. Within the comments section, several individuals begin asking about the way to use keywords in articles for article marketing. Voila! You have your very next blog post. Search through the comments section to identify topics that you can write on or questions you are able to answer in the form of a blog post.


Are there some websites or similar resources that a niche needs to know about? Write a handful of  ‘resource list’ type posts. Resource lists posts are quite effortless to write and they supply utmost value to the readers simply because people will get the knowledge that they want with ease. If you can’t think of anything else to write about, it is possible to pull together a valuable list for your readers quickly and easily.


Maintain a finger on the pulse of any niche. Observe similar blogs in your niche and notice what they are writing about. Subscribe to the RSS feed on blogs that are successful in your particular niche to keep a current stream of information coming your way.  You possibly can take a unique angle on identical topics, or cover an area of the subject that the former author missed. Should you disagree with the author, feel free to go forward and express your own view on your blog. Different bloggers and their sites are usually a fantastic source of material and blog post ideas – so make sure to get involved within the community that your blog is about.


Begin compiling a list of quick tips (or a swipe file) you’d love to share with a niche. They can be inspired by your particular knowledge with the niche, via different blog posts you’ve read or through additional products in your niche. If you find yourself stuck for blog post ideas, you’ll be able to write a fast tips post by referring to your collention of tips and recommendations.

These suggestions merely scratch the surface of where you possibly can get ideas for blog posts to populate a blog. Begin maintaining a notepad file that has blog post ideas and after that you’ll never find yourself at a loss for material.  Have more ideas on this topic?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

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