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Writing With Keywords


Yeah!  I found out earlier that I won a copy of Karon Thackston’s “Writing With Keywords” book  today!  How great is that!? Karon is a Keywords Guru and has written several copy writing ebooks that will help with writing content for your website the SEO way.  She has owned her own full-time copywriting agency since 1999 and has authored three ... Read More »

Effective Communication With Customers


Customer relations start and end with effective communication. There is no getting around the fact that every expression spoken or written by a company is the cornerstone of that company’s success. Exactly why is communication with customers so essential? Businesses communicate to find out customer needs in order to show that they are listening and have the answer to those ... Read More »

Best Web Hosting: Know What To Look For


Extreme Newbie asks: ‘How do I know which is the best web hosting company to work with?’ Answer: In my last post titled, What is a Domain Name? I answered Extreme Newbie.  We continue the conversation with her question about selecting the best web hosting. These days, it’s just about impossible to make money online without your own website.  You ... Read More »

List Building Club Affiliate Program: Affiliate Shabambo!

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Working hard asks: ‘What the heck does “Shabambo” mean? Answer: What is “Shabambo”? Well, it’s a phrase that the marketing geeks at Overcome Everything Inc came up with.  It’s a unique exclamation that lets others know that you just made a wad of cash.  Kind of like yelling out “Eureka!” but with a newer twist.  While the phrase started out ... Read More »

Starting An Online Business – The List Building Club Review

The List Building Club can be a great path to take in starting an online business.  The video tutorials are in bite-sized sections and walk you through each step in getting your business off and running.  There are, however, some things to watch out for to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. First, let me say ... Read More »

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