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The basics of content curation


There’s so much information in the Internet that it has become almost impossible to sift through the most important and relevant content to your niche. This is where content curation comes in. Content curation is about organizing all the information on a particular topic and organizing, annotating, and presenting them in a particular. It’s about handpicking the best resources there ... Read More »

7 of the Best Curation Tips


Content curators may be the best people in navigating through the mess of information offered in the Internet, but even the best get lost and confused as well, especially when the volume related to your topic is unusually heavy. Here are some of the ways for you to effectively curate people’s content. 1. Put the relevant links together. Curate the ... Read More »

Changing your email marketing strategy with Gmail’s new UI


Have you seen Gmail’s new tabbed interface? It’s sleeker and cleaner, and much less convoluted for the regular user. All email blasts go to the Promotions tab and will likely never get seen. But what does this mean for your email marketing campaign, where your efforts might get pushed to the secondary inbox and go unnoticed? Here are seven tips ... Read More »

Facebook News: Facebook Takes Online Business Ideas


What does Facebook have to do with online business ideas? Well apparently a lot… With the new integration of applications now allowed, Facebook for businesses just may reach an all new level. Check out this article by Landon Slaughter that was posted on If you are looking for online business ideas then a sponsored app through Facebook may be ... Read More »

Outsourcing for Design Companies

Writing with Keywords

Outsourcing particular elements of a business may not initially appear to be a marketing technique, however it can be when approached the right way. There are many benefits of outsourcing but the particular one that comes to mind first is that it can save an organization a lot of money. This is usually because outsourcing effectively converts fixed expenses into ... Read More »

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