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Social media nowadays can be used for varying purposes. May it be for social purposes, interacting with long lost friends, or marketing your specific brand of business, it can cater to all your needs. The most well-known out of all of these websites is Facebook. Facebook has been around for quite a few years now and has gained a huge ... Read More »

Save for Later (on Facebook!)


Of all social media sites there are, Facebook has one of the largest following. With the number of users it has, it may come as no surprise that it is also teeming with various interesting stories you might want to read, but have no time to. An old problem that Facebook has gladly given the solution to. The new Facebook ... Read More »

Facebook’s ‘Organic Reach’ Not Reaching Anyone Anymore


Bad news guys: the organic reach that you’ve worked so hard to maintain is gradually declining due to Facebook’s new algorithm. Social@Ogilvy reports that organic reach has dropped from 16% in 2012 to 6% in February of this year. For Facebook, engagement has always been crucial and this now plays a role with what users see on their News Feed. ... Read More »

You’re Business is Not as Private on Facebook as You Think


Urgent news flash: your privacy settings on Facebook don’t really give you the privacy that you think you have. Not even setting your Facebook to “Only Me” would save you from the major loophole in a feature of the social network. A list of your mutual friends between another user is easily viewable, as long as one of you have ... Read More »

When Search Intent Meets Facebook


Brands used to have separate pictures of their customers – one painted by Facebook’s custom audiences feature, and another by a search engine’s ad clicks, leading the company to track down their customers, wasting a lot of time and money in the process. Digital marketing firm Kenshoo, however, saw the potential in the marriage of the two features. They created ... Read More »

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