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Facebook User Engagement: The New Ad Labs


All this time, businesses from small to large have been using Facebook to interact with their customers with the goal of revving up their sales. This marketing strategy, called user engagement, has convinced many companies to put their money into it. This, however, has been proven false by Facebook itself in their recently released a white paper. It stated that ... Read More »

4 Apps to Build Your Facebook Store


Selling on Facebook has indeed gone on a whole other level. Now, you need not rely on your nifty tricks and strategies. There are even apps that can help you leverage your business and get to your goal. At a time when everybody uses Facebook as a vehicle to market and advertise their products and services, using these four apps ... Read More »

Completing Your Facebook Marketing Strategy with the Cover Feed


With Facebook’s latest marketing update, how can your current Facebook marketing strategy keep up? This time, Facebook is rolling out a notable feature present in Facebook Home. Android phones that support Facebook Home will be able to use their cover feed as a default lock screen. With this new feature, you can scan through photos and updates from your news ... Read More »

Facebook For Businesses – New “Offer” Option

Yes, changes are on the horizon for users and Facebook for businesses new “Offer” option just might be what does the trick for many to finally get in the game. Replacing the check in deals program, Offers will be more of a coupon that can be offered to a page’s email list. Practical eCommerce explains it:Facebook For Businesses New “Offer” ... Read More »

Facebook News: Facebook Takes Online Business Ideas


What does Facebook have to do with online business ideas? Well apparently a lot… With the new integration of applications now allowed, Facebook for businesses just may reach an all new level. Check out this article by Landon Slaughter that was posted on If you are looking for online business ideas then a sponsored app through Facebook may be ... Read More »

13 Hot Facebook Marketing Tips From the Top Pros


Get out! You mean using Facebook for businesses is not rocket science? Yep, it’s true – marketing with Facebook needs to follow some of the basic principles that all businesses need to follow when they are trying to communicate and interact with customers and potential customers alike. The format of Facebook allows for some creative interaction and it’s very important ... Read More »

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