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I’m very glad that you found your way here…that means that you are very serious about getting your business set up online and you are ready to take full advantage of all that online marketing and social media can offer you.  So…why should you listen to me?

Not only do I work with very successful Internet Marketing business owners, I have also helped many people and online businesses to grow their traffic, make the most of Social Media and learn to be better marketers by writing better sales copy, automating their processes and using outsourcing services.

It’s no secret that many online and traditional businesses are often in the dark about how to effectively use the internet and its many online resources to help them grow and make more sales.  That’s where I come in.  By offering my knowledge, I can help you to create your own online presence with:  a website, sales funnels, marketing tools and know how, social media integration and more!

Consumers are researching online for just about everything, and this includes searching for information, books, a great dry cleaner, the best restaurants or even where to buy a new dresser.  In reality, they may only have to go around the corner in their own neighborhood, but they are looking online first to be sure.  Don’t you want them to be able to find YOU?  Let’s talk about what Marketing 101 Pro can do to help you succeed online.

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About Me…

2009 was the first year I was officially “online” with my own website, however, even that was not the beginning of my online career. I was very fortunate to work for 2 years with an online publishing company before moving into working with several Internet Marketing experts and official millionaire ‘gurus’. 

Offline, I worked for a large national distribution company as a National Accounts Coordinator and trainer.  In fact, to be really honest, I can’t think of a job that I’ve ever had where I did not end up as the trainer.  But that, as they say, is another story!

Full Disclosure:

Please understand that posts and/or content might or might not contain affiliate links that lead to pages or products that I receive commissions on.  It should not matter to you if I am or am not compensated for the information I provide, because, as I am constantly working online, you can be sure that I only recommend what I really believe to be the best.  That is a promise. 

The information that is provided is my opinion and will always include the pros and cons of everything that I try and decide to use.  It’s not worth it to me to give false information as it will only loose you as a potential visitor – and good and true information will only help you AND me.  Affiliate links are one of the ways that I am able to make a career of helping others.

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