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7 of the Best Curation Tips

7 of the Best Curation Tips


1382657253961_-content-curationContent curators may be the best people in navigating through the mess of information offered in the Internet, but even the best get lost and confused as well, especially when the volume related to your topic is unusually heavy. Here are some of the ways for you to effectively curate people’s content.

1. Put the relevant links together.

Curate the best articles of your weekly reading, together with the best videos and photos, and put them together. Writer a short comment on what makes these comments interests—similar to an e-newsletter or a clipping service at the service of your avid readers.

2. Start a “Best of List”

This approach will immediately lure your readers in. By collecting the top information on a topic, you would be doing your readers a huge favor and saving them the time. Curate the best quotes or tweets, and add your insights to the list.

3. Round up posts.

 Gather input from a variety of people, preferably experts, by asking them short easy-to-answer questions. These posts have the advantage that participants will often comment and share the content on social media.  Here’s an example of a post where I collected definitions from seventy-two experts.

Content marketing tip: Ensure that participants know about the published piece by including their names in your social media shares as well as sending them an email highlighting the column. Don’t forget to share the love by linking back to their website or blog. As an added bonus, include an image of the expert. (BTW-Don’t change their wording without their permission even if it’s only to fix their grammar.)

4. Research review. These posts can be a collection of facts (with the sources), a set of charts, or a combination of charts and explanation. Be warned these articles take time to prepare. In addition to gathering the most important information available, you need to discern what the research means and translate it into plain English for readers. When charts and explanations are added, more work and writing is required. Here’s a research round up of social media facts where I showed the chart, stated the facts and provided insights.

Content marketing tip: Make sure you source the research and related charts. Take care when using data from different sources since it may not be comparable. Read more here.

5. Make a Top 10 list. This will immediately get the attention of readers, and make their rounds in social media. In addition, let the people you’re including in the list know that they’re in it—they will most likely share it to their own follower base.

6. Comment on another person’s column. Marketing is about connecting with other people—you can’t expect to get all the attention without giving something in return, can you? Make a commentary of somebody else’s piece and put your own unique spin to it.

7. Take advantage of your second rights.  Curators do it this all the time—modify the title of a piece and provide a different context to complement your branding.

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