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Blogging 101: Blog Traffic

Blogging 101: Blog Traffic


Frustrated! asks: I’m writing and writing but am not seeing much traffic.  What are a couple of things I can start doing now to get more traffic?  I know there are lots of things I could be doing, but just want a couple I can get started with.  Suggestions?

Answer: It certainly can be frustrating to feel as though a lot of hard work is not getting you the results you want.  But there are a couple of key things that you can do to turn things around and increase blog traffic.

Guest blog posts on larger blogs – A great way to increase blog traffic is to write guest blog posts on larger blogs that already have more traffic.  Search your keywords that you want to focus on in a couple of the main search engines (like Google, Yahoo or Bing) and add the word ‘blog’ at the end.  From the results, select 2-3 blogs from the top 3 and look through them.  Get familiar with their content and style.  It’s a good idea to subscribe to their RSS feeds or newsletters so that you can stay up to date as well as learn from them.  Read this awesome guest post at for some great advice on how to write your post, submit it to the blog owner and help increase blog traffic to your own blog.

Have a link building strategy – Any kind of website or blog traffic will benefit greatly from a well thought out and consistent link building strategy.  The easiest and quickest way to get started is to regularly comment on popular and relevant sites and forums.  Start with the blogs that you identified previously and add 2-3 forums on the same topic or niche.  As you read and get familiar with a particular site, begin to get into the conversation replying to the post or thread.  Make them real questions that you have or comment by giving feedback or constructive criticism to the post.  Don’t just make it some arbitrary little comment that doesn’t contribute to the conversation.  Then, you can either list your website in the comment section of a site or in the bio section of a forum.  A great post with a lot of comments can be found at and will give advice on blog traffic using this method, plus a great look at comments posted by readers and what can be accomplished.

Perhaps it was really smart that the question here was limited to 2 ways to increase blog traffic…because there are so many ways to get traffic, that it is overwhelming!  Starting with a couple methods, getting consistent and comfortable, THEN moving on to a couple more methods is an incredible strategy overall.

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Glenna Garcia


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  1. Shannon Macri-Meriden,Ct

    Relevant posting to forums is a great way to get quality traffic to your blogs. I’s rather have quality links and traffic other than using some silly traffic building method that brings garbage to your blog.
    People need to realize that a huge amount of traffic takes time to build and you really have to put work in. No shortcut exists! Traffic takes time.
    Being unique is helpful and posting great advice is a great way to get people to click your link.
    Generic responses to a forum get empty traffic to a blog. Work Work Work.
    Alot of it.

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