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13 Hot Facebook Marketing Tips From the Top Pros

13 Hot Facebook Marketing Tips From the Top Pros


Get out! You mean using Facebook for businesses is not rocket science? Yep, it’s true – marketing with Facebook needs to follow some of the basic principles that all businesses need to follow when they are trying to communicate and interact with customers and potential customers alike. The format of Facebook allows for some creative interaction and it’s very important that business owners realize this and use it to its full potential.

Take a look at this post by Sarah Moraes of

In this blog post, Cindy King of Social Media Examiner highlights 13 Facebook marketing tips from the top industry pros.

Facebook continues to be the most powerful social network on the planet with over 750 million active users. Businesses simply cannot ignore Facebook as part of their online marketing strategy. We spoke with top marketing book authors and Facebook brand managers.

Take your Facebook marketing to a new level with these hot Facebook marketing tips direct from the top pros in Facebook marketing.

#1: Give people a reason to become fans (by Richard Krueger)

“A Reveal tab offers first-time visitors a clear call to action.

By encouraging the visitor to first “Like” your fan page in order to receive a free trial, coupon or even specialized information, you can significantly increase fan conversion rates, while giving real value in becoming a fan,” says Richard Krueger, co-author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies…

#2: Stay on topic (by Daniel Sundin)

“People who Like your brand on Facebook expect your posts to be at least somewhat related to your brand or industry. Keeping your focus so narrow may seem limiting, especially if you’re the one crafting the posts each day. Instead, think of it as a creative challenge,” says Daniel Sundin, community manager at PETCO.

Sundin gave the following tips:

Write about a current event and tie it to your brand or industry.

Find and share a funny YouTube video loosely related your brand or industry.

Ask your audience to post questions, pictures or stories about your brand to your wall.

Repost the most interesting content back out as an update.

“Remember, Unliking a page is just as easy as Liking it. A single odd or off-topic post could get you booted from the stream,” said Sundin.

Believe me, you’ll want to take a look at the full article and jot down some notes as you go through all 13 tips. While some of it is just common sense, some of the tips and ideas are ones that you will want to act on right away. Using Facebook for businesses is not only a timely marketing tactic that will help your business, it is quickly becoming a necessity in order to drive traffic and sales to your website AND your brick and mortar store.

Do you have any other tips or tricks to using Facebook? For businesses to get ahead, what do you see as the most important things all business owners should do? Let us know by writing your responses in the comments section below.

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  1. Amazing! I do like this post. I will definitely take into account all tips that are listed above! Thanks a lot)

  2. I have to agree that Facebook definately cannot be ignored when it comes to advertising one’s business.

    Two things which I find useful are, as you mention, giving people an incentive to ‘like’ your page eg. coupon/prize/lucky draw. Secondly I think it is crucial to keep renewing and updating the content on your page to show your fans that you are actively involved in your business and to keep them informed of any changes or promotions as they are made available.

    I definately will be making notes when I go through the 13 tips on the full article as every little bit helps to ensure that one’s business is being promoted effectively.

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